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Just a few of the Testimonials pupils have kindly submitted to Smiths Driving Academy Maidenhead, for Driving lessons


I am glad that I was able to help, keep up your high standard. tony byiast



Just 2 say a big thank u 4 all the effort u put in getting me through my test still hasnt hit me yet. babs

Hi colin.just wanted to say thanks so much for the lessons and getting me through my test.wish you all the best mate.take care. dani

It was a year ago 2day i passed my driving test. How spooky is that. A whole yr now!! All thanks 2my wonderful drivin instructor!!! Miss my lessons some days...

Lauren (pupil went on to complete Pass +)

Just wanna say thank you really appreciate the hard work you have done for me lol. Thank you. X


Hi colin...its me Shams...i passed mi driving test....i just wanted to say thank you for the lessons you gave earlier last year...thank you and best wishes

Hi colin! Wasn't sure if u were busy, so txting. I got a job as a copywriter at yell adworks and they need a character reference. Would it be ok if i can use you as a reference please? If you're happy, then please give me your email and tel number... Let me know whether you're happy to be my ref or not. I hope you're well, love maxine x

Hi Colin, hope things r good? I'm v well, driving my boyfrd's Honda Civic and buying a place with him in Egham (tho he still lives in Dublin!) Have so much more freedom now I can drive! Take care Elizabeth x

Hiya, got my car fixed now, a mates dads friend did it ,now much better no squeak and fitted anti roll bar clip and adjusted clutch, much better. Thank you for helping me to get here coz without you not sure i ever would of driven, you really are good at what you do xx


That is great, congratulations!!!!!!! U r a great instructor so Im not even surprised :)))

Victoria - (Facebook comment on my Check test result)


Thank you for all your great tuition for Imogen. What a lovely Christmas present for her!!

For future reference....what does the

Pass Plus involve...and what is the cost?

Have a lovely Christmas.

And thank you once again!


Thanks for all your help ! on getting me through my driving test

From Chloe - (this was a thank you card)

I think my Dad has told you, I passed my driving test, thank you very much for all your help !


Thanks for the driving lessons and helping me to pass!

Kurt (Reading footballer who received NO driving faults on test)

Thanks for all your help at short notice


Hi Colin, thank you for all your help and making me a confident driver. I cant believe I passed with only 2 minors on my first attempt! Will definitely be recommending you. Thanks for being an AWESOME coach

Ryan - Personal fitness trainer, David Lloyd Centre

Hi Colin. Thank you so much for teaching Abi- it was great for me to see her steady and confident progress with you. I will have no hesitation in recommending you!

I am keen for Abi to have motorway lessons so let me know the details.

Once again THANKYOU!

Best wishes Sian

Wow fantastic thank you so much!!! Would like you to carry on with Matt for Pass + and Motorway driving lessons

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You are a star!

Jan (Autistic pupil)

"I have Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease, which means I have trouble with fine motor control skills in my feet. When driving this means I cannot completely rest my right heel on the floor - I need to lift my whole leg to switch between pedals. So I sometimes ‘overshoot’ my feet when switching pedals, or just find it difficult to keep gas constant. Nevertheless I passed my driving test first time after 40 hours of lessons with Colin. Partly because he gave me specific exercises to work on my peculiar method of pedal control.

Colin made sure that good habits (such as long steering) were adopted from the start, and that such basics were mastered first before moving onto harder stuff (which sounds like common sense, but not all instructors do this). When he prompts you (for mirrors, signal, position) he never misses a thing - he is very systematic and diligent, always aware of whether your eyes are looking in the correct mirrors at the right time.

He makes sure the lessons are tailored - I in particular had a problem with assertive driving, especially when finding the gap on roundabouts, and it was he who upon reflection between lessons realised it was because of a lack of confidence with the gas pedal, because of my condition. I really appreciated the thought he put into his tuition.

When it came to the driving test it was easy - because he endeavours to make lessons challenging.

Finally, he is also a very happy chappy - never felt nervous/pressure with him. Fully recommended.


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